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On islands and interesting links.

Once again, time has had it's wily way and months have passed since I last sat down to write a post. Autumn seems to have officially arrived in the UK; woolly hats and head bands are out, pumpkin spice and gingerbread are back on the menu, and there are beautiful fall landscapes to be explored and appreciated. But today, I'm looking back and reflecting on the last few months. Here's a short run down of key events:

April - May: After my last post, I packed my bags and headed down to Bali. I worked remotely (to use the cliche, I was trialing the 'digital nomad' lifestyle) and spent my free time exploring the island, catching up with my little sister, and learning to surf. If you're visiting, Bali travel recommendations would be: hike up Mount Batur in the early hours to summit for incredible sunrise views; snorkel off Nusa penida with turtles and Manta rays, stay at The Onion Collective in Ubud and head to the Yoga Barn for classes (not just in yoga!); visit the Ubud market before sunrise, and try out some local food.

June: I headed back to Antigua for the Redonda Restoration Programme rat eradication final check. I cannot put into words how excited I was to return to the island. The changes to the island in less than a year, after the invasive species removal, are dramatic and staggering. The header photo here is from this year's visit: remember that there was no grass to be seen there last year? I was up to my waist in places! We found no sign of rats, and you can read more about the project's success here!

July: After a very quick turnaround between Redonda, Antigua, and the UK, Silas and I headed with some friends to the Picos de Europa National Park in northern Spain. Wowzers, that place is beautiful. So many wild flower meadows, cool creatures, and beautiful landscapes. Number one Picos de Europa travel recommendation: walk the Cares Route.

August: UK adventures, yay! Explorations in the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District, Norfolk, and a brief meander on a canal boat.

September: among other adventures, a lot of London this month! We had the Woolmark Performance Challenge finalists in town for workshops at the beginning of the month. It was incredibly rewarding to meet them all in person and host a physical activation of the project. Also of note in September, a lovely stay at the Blakeney Harbour Watch House.

So it's a been a wild, sometimes chaotic, often fulfilling, but most of all fun few months! Before I sign off, here are some internet-items-of-interest that have been rattling around waiting to be put somewhere whilst I've been gallivanting about:

How hilarious/ awesome are these composite photographs of sporting events?

I can't recommend watching Elizabeth Gilbert give advice on distinguishing between your hobby, you job, your career and your vocation, strongly enough.

I am blown away by artist Kim Noble, the 20 personalities sharing her body, and their incredible artworks.

I recently watched 'About Time'. Now, I'm actively trying to live my life as per "Part Two of Dad's Plan". I'd recommend watching the whole movie, but if you want to cheat and get to these goods early, watch away here.

Writing down 510 Great Things That Happened To Me In The Last 34 Days sounds like a great idea. I think we'd all have more Great Things happening to us than we notice day-to-day.

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