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Mid-week mind-wandering

It's week two of our La Vie de Nord in Newcastle. I'm loving being back to living in a city, and enjoying exploring this new home. So far I'm loving Flat Caps Coffee, Nan Bei Dumpling & Tea Bar in Grainger Market, exhibitions and kittiwakes at the Baltic, and the view from our window. However, I'll be taking a short sabbatical from UK life next week, and heading to warmer climes in Bali, until mid-May. So furthering exploring will have to wait until then.

Anyway, enough chitter chatter.... here are some internet items of interest, which struck my fancy this week:

I love Tracey Emin's neon light pieces (check out her new one up in Kings Cross St Pancras).

I also really love inverts (still trying to make #IDtheInvert happen). I feel they are rather underappreciated - perhaps you'll agree after looking at these examples of up close and detailed insect macros.

Speaking of cool creatures, check out this turtles' do. I'd also recommend reading the accompanying article about the Zoological Society of London's 'EDGE' programme, which is super important and super interesting.

"Convenience seems to make our decisions for us, trumping what we like to imagine are our true preferences." I read this article a while ago, but came across it again recently and marveled at its wisdom once again: The Tyranny of Convenience by Tim Wu at the NYT.

This 'real, effective apology' guide was included in Recommendo's newsletter by Claudia Dawson this week, and it's bookmark-worthy.

Austin Kleon suggests finding like-hearted people instead of solely like-minded people, for a happier and more well-rounded existence. And of a similar vein from Gianpiero Petriglieri at HBR: To Take Charge of Your Career, Start by Building Your Tribe.

Just for fun: If You’re Not Sure How a Male Author Would Describe You, Use Our Handy Chart. Apparently I'd be awarded "She has knockers like a silken pony and I thirsted to booty call her". Hmm.

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