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Mid-week mind-wandering

Howdy! Coming to you this week from The Drift Cafe, Cresswell, Northumberland. We just finished our move up here last weekend and I'm excited to begin exploring and enjoying this beautiful part of the UK. Hoping to get out on to the beach very shortly.

But before I put on my sunglasses and try to pretend it's summer: your serving of internet items of interest:

I am definitely guilty of over-worrying sometimes. Matt Hattersley has some wise words via Tiny Buddha about getting out of your head and doing the things that scare you: "Remind yourself that, no matter how real the future event looks in your mind, your feelings don't indicate anything about the outcome of that event; they are just a response to your thoughts in that moment.

What do you know about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It's a major issue, and we all should probably know more. This article from Chris Mooney at The Washington Post is a good starter.

I'm so tired of Republicans vs. Democrats, like it's Montagues vs. Capulets. I would love to hear more stories of bi-partisan geniality. Just like Jeff Flake and Cory Booker's Capitol Hill snowball fight.

Does Having a Day Job Mean Making Better Art? I love the case studies Katy Waldman presents in this NYT Style article. I mean, for starters, Edi Rama: "both an artist and the prime minister of Albania"? Cool.

Eating healthy may well be one of the great 21st Century enigmas. Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Aktins, Ketogenic, Dukan, 5:2.... the ever expanding list of diet options and 'best ways to eat', several of which are rather contradictory of each other. Luckily, Grub Street have asked the experts to clear up some of the discrepancies: The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right.

I'm trying to up my climbing game. This shouldn't be hard, as I am starting off with the climbing ability of an bamboo-bloated panda with a fear of heights. But I've found this Bouldering Training guide helpful for ideas on improving. I'll let you know how it goes...

Till next time!

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