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Mid-week mind-wandering

So... it's been a while. But let's act like old friends and pick up where we left off without too much small talk, shall we?

I'm currently in Albarracin, Spain, an incredible little mountain town (see the photo above). In addition to domestic tourists coming to see this picturesque town, it is descended upon by adventurous types looking for bouldering problems to solve. This is my first outdoor bouldering trip... I'm not very good but I believe I can at least say I've made some progress. I've certainly learnt a lot.

Anyway, onto the main event. Here are some items of interest from the interweb that I've enjoyed/ found thought-provoking recently:

This is so, so important in 2018: 90-second fact-checks, It Can Take As Little As Thirty Seconds, Seriously by Mike Caulfield.

The best food you can buy for a fiver (or less!) around the UK, according to The Guardian. I'm sad they haven't included anywhere in Newcastle, in light of our upcoming move to 'the North'.

"To Rise Above Our Past, We Must Acknowledge It" - National Geographic just launched a series on about racial, ethnic, and religious groups, which will continue throughout 2018. Before critiquing others, they took an honest look at the magazine's own past.

The one might be a tough pill to swallow, for some, but I believe it is an important, sensitive, and insightful read: The female price of male pleasure by by Lili Loofbourow at

In awesome conservation news the Shiant Islands in the Minch have been declared rat-free. This is fantastic news for Scotland's seabird populations!

Speaking of healing our natural surroundings, this article by Henry Mance for Aeon widened my eyes, raised my eyebrows, and stuck in my mind: Algorithmic wilderness: "Can technology mend our broken relationship with the natural world?".

This is on my watch-soon list: Ai Weiwei's documentation of the global refugee crisis in Human Flow.

I wish this was my campaign idea: Lacoste Replaces Its Crocodile With Endangered Species in Limited-Edition Polo Shirt Line.

See you soon! (I mean it this time)

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