• Salina Janzan

Adventuring Mauritius

Mama Janzan visited last week and we had quite a number of fun adventures. I thought I would share some of the highlights, should you be planning a trip here...

  1. Go on an Ecotour on Ile Aux Aigrettes. This is the small island I mentioned before where one of our field stations is. You can only explore the island as general public if you go on a guided tour. The tour introduces you to Pink Pigeons, Telfair Skinks, Ornate Day Geckos, Mauritius Fodies, Mauritian Flying Foxes (Fruit bats) and - wait for it - the baby and adult Aldabra Giant Tortoises.

  2. See the captial, Port Louis. And drink a fresh watermelon juice.

  3. Go to a Sega night.

  4. See the Seven Coloured Earths and the Chamarel waterfall. There is also Rumerie de Chamarel en route if that floats your boat.

  5. Walk along the beach (duh).

  6. Go to Grand Bassin.

  1. Climb a mountain (we did Brise Fer last week, but I'd also recommend Black River Peak - the highest point on the island).

  2. Go to Rochester Falls. But try not to pay 500Rs for 3 pineapples, a coconut and 3 sticks of sugar cane. And don't be put off by the seemingly sketchy drive to get there.

  1. Watch the sunset by the sea (pretty much anywhere on the West coast).

  2. Eat Roti and drink coconut water.

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