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Mid-week mind-wandering

Today marks exactly one month until I fly back to the UK.... Say what?! The thought of this fills me with a rather complex assortment of feelings, which I can only sum up through saying: you know when you read a great book for the first time, and you're getting to the end and you don't want it to finish? But you're also excited for it to end because then you'll know the whole story and there will be other books you want to start afterwards? And when you finish, you're not sad because you have to physically put the book away somewhere, but you're sad because you can't read any more of the story? That's how I feel about this. I am looking forward to being back in London, seeing everyone I miss there and - dare I say it? - I'm even a little to be back at work. But it will be so incredibly hard to accept that this current story is over.

Anyway, as someone recently pointed out to me: I still have a month! So enough of thinking about endings (just, you know, preparing you for some waterworks) and onto to some fun things! Some fun internet items of interest that I have accumulated over the last month, in case you need some hump day procrastination material. Enjoy!

  • Sentences that can change your life, if you listen to them.

  • Speaking of falling in love with stories, this list may help you brush up on your literature.

  • "Unlikely style icons". I loved these photographs from Eritrea's metal market.

  • We made this Balsamic Mushroom Pasta and it was so.yummy.

  • Feminism? Postfeminism? We have a fair few discussions in our house over whether feminism has gone too far; pros, cons, fixes; and feature many a power-to-women-equality-for-all stance. But that's probably one for another day. I thought this article from Buzzfeed (I know, I'm so highbrow), discussing representation of these movements in film, was pretty insightful.

  • For you Londoners - the Royal Academy currently has a Joseph Cornell exhibition. His work is awesome, the exhibition sounds even more awesome and I am super sad to be missing it.

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