• Salina Janzan and Carlota Gonzalez Noguer

On being kick-ass women: Carlota

I lived with three pretty kick-ass women in Mauritius. These posts let you get to know them too.

Last but not least, in the Getting to Know the Girls of Villa Maeva: Carlota. Carlota’s words are: goof-without-a-tooth, tell-it-like-it-is, and, some-coffee-is-better-than-no-coffee. She took some persuading to fill this in, because she consistently thinks she has nothing interesting to tell anyone about herself, to which I consistently take issue. (I think the real reason she did it in the end was just to make me happy!) She is full of energy and makes me laugh a countless number of times every day.

Where are you from originally?

Girona, Catalunya, in the North-East of Spain.

Where were you a month before the course?

Living and working in Bristol.

Life story in under 50 words. Go.

Born in Barcelona. Nursery teachers described me as a very happy baby that loved eating lots of food; things haven’t changed much. Grew up in Girona surrounded by amazing friends and family. Studied Environmental Sciences. Moved to the UK to learn English, lived in Devon, the Isle of Wight and Bristol. Worked in many different things. Overall, I learned English and that’s all that matters because it allowed me to do this course.

Edit from Salina: I told her this was over 50 words and she said "I know, I couldn't make it any less, and then I thought - this isn't an essay! It doesn't really matter if I go over!"

Why did you decide to do the course?

I had always wanted to work in something related with nature, environment, wildlife... Conservation seemed the right field to work in to be able to make a difference and do something good for the world (very utopic, I know). This course had the perfect mix of theory and hands-on experience, plus it is in Mauritius! (Beach, sun, cute animals...)

Favourite field station so far? Why?

Ile Aux Aigrettes. I loved feeling isolated and being away from everything, no cars, no people, giant tortoises wandering around and surrounded by unbelievably clear water! Just Paradise.

What’s up next for you?

Right now, this is a forbidden question.

Number one on your travel wish list?

New Zealand.

Pick a favourite place to eat, in any city, anywhere in the world:

Zanpanzar, Girona.

Last up, go wild, tell us something cool that I haven’t asked about:

I collect books of the Little Prince in different languages. At the moment I have 40 different ones, after my most recent acquisition in Creole :-)

And a song to go with your post?

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