• Salina Janzan and Emily Stebbings

On being kick-ass women: Emily

I live with three pretty kick-ass women in Mauritius. These posts let you get to know them too.

First up, for the Getting Know the Girls of the Villa series, is Emily. I'm going to give each of them an introduction with 3 "words" (utilising my much favoured essay technique of hyphenating). Emily gets kick-ass-focussed, flammability-warning, and, beloved-gruffalo. She loves a second breakfast/lunch/dinner, is a not-so-secret hipster at heart and blogs at The Hungry Dodo if you would like to hear more from her.

Where are you from originally? Great Britain. Born 'oop north and then 'grew up' in Wales. So essentially not accepted by either the English or the Welsh. I support Wales in the rugby, and we can all agree that's the most important thing. Where were you a month before the course? At my old home, London Life story in under 50 words, go. In West Ceredigion (born) and raised On a horse was where I spent most of my days Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool But all about doing maths and science in school, Dated some guys, as much as I could Moved to a brand new neighbourhood (London) Took lots of flights, and my mum got scared when she realised I was leaving my corporate job and was now unemployed and traveling the world yet again on some crazy idea. (It's OK she's not scared now) Why did you decide to do the course? I wanted to change my career, do something different, go away and have adventures. More than anything, I wanted to learn new things. Favourite field station so far? Why? Ahhh difficult one... Well I had the most fun working with the fruit bats, had an amazing 2 weeks and some brilliant nights on Polish-strength vodka. I also really loved working on the Echo Parakeets at Camp. Much climbing, chopping, making stuff and tea. What’s up next for you? New Zealand in the near future, but the rest is to be decided. Number one on your travel wish list? Antarctica Pick a favourite place to eat, in any city, anywhere in the world: Pho from the street in Hanoi Last up, go wild, tell us something cool that I haven’t asked about: You: What is your spirit animal? Me: Narwhal. It's the unicorn of the sea.

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